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PRODUCT SUMMARY :- Sandalwood & Turmeric are wielded in many cultural rituals for thousands of years to illuminate & revitalize the skin. The addition of Bentonite clay & walnut in it, gives a scrubbing effect to the skin, making the soap ideal for sun-tan removal. This soap is infused with 100% pure desi Ghee which is tremendously beneficial to retain moisture & clarify the skin, leaving it with an enchanting aroma after bathing.

               Our cold-processed soaps are purely handcrafted in small batches & cautiously packed in hygienic places. Every ingredient used in our soaps is 100% natural & rational, hence, they remain intact & high-performing even after curing for 8 weeks.

 HOW TO USE :- Can be applied on both facial & body skin. Wet your skin with water & create a generous lather by gently rubbing the soap on your skin. Massage for 30 seconds in a circular motion & rinse off quickly. Store the soap in a cool, dry place where air circulation is allowed to avoid its quick melting.

 INGREDIENTS :- Saponified coconut oil, Olive oil, Sesame oil, Castor oil, Purified aqua, Bentonite clay, Turmeric, Desi ghee, Walnut extract, Sandalwood essential oil.

WHY TO USE TURMERIC SOAP ??                                                             
● Valuable to illuminate skin radiance by polishing & reducing pigmentation & discolouration related to hormones.
● Tightens the saggy, loose skin.
●  Reduces pore size & removes sun tan, leaving it buffed with a luminous complexion.


Bentonite Clay :- Its astringent property cleanses, unclogs & shrinks pores, thus, removing sun-tan & dark spots. Its mineral content polishes the skin.
 Turmeric :- Curcumin (main active ingredient) reduces the excess melanin production, so, lightens scars and illuminates the skin tone.
 Desi Ghee :- Its antioxidant content helps in skin brightening & provides a youthful skin glow, and also helps to heal various skin diseases.
Saffron Extract :- Saffron treats hyperpigmentation, promotes skin hydration & revitalizes the skin.
Walnut Extract :- This anti-cellulite ingredient reverses skin damage, prevents early signs of ageing & improves skin complexion.
 Sandalwood Essential Oil :- It whitens the skin significantly by
reducing melanin production. It also soothes sunburn, irritated, inflamed skin, and removes sun-tan & dark patches.

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