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The aspiration of Kayik is to provide highly authentic and premium quality products which are made by blending modern science with ancient ayurvedic formulations.
As we know about the enormous benefits of plant-based ingredients, after thousands of research, some specifically effective ingredients are selected and put all together to treat a specific condition as per your need. 
It means the products of Kayik contain reasonably efficient ingredients only, used in appropriate proportions having no impurities such as harsh chemicals, synthetic colour or fragrance or any other drawbacks.  Each of them has a solicitous purpose to give you the best of mother-nature. Hence, they are essential, safe & trust-worthy to use everyday.
The products are manufactured very hygienically & packed cautiously in eco-friendly packagings, so their potency remains intact to provide your health all the love and care it deserves. 
We pledge to add on value in your daily lifestyle by bringing our 100% natural, clean & cruelty-free products to you. 
Team Kayik vows to indulge you with remarkable shopping experiences & standard services of it. 
And yes, Kayik Ayurveda is proudly made in India. 
So, cherish yourself everytime with Kayik.


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